Red RD 28,32T

Road 11S

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後變速器 - Sram Red Rear Derailleur

It takes a degree of passion for the sport that can't be faked to fully appreciate SRAM RED. It was created to blur the boundaries between machine and athlete. The SRAM RED rear derailleur was designed with our Exact Actuation™ technology for precise, efficient shifting. Carbon fiber, titanium, and ceramic bearings complete the spec. The result adds to its legacy as the heart of the purest groupset for the pursuit of cycling excellence.

  • Exact Actuation™ shifting provides fast and accurate shifts
  • More clearance with 28t cassettes thanks to a longer B-knuckle
  • Silent shifting with optimized AeroGlide™ pulleys, ceramic bearings
  • Spring-fixed barrel adjuster
  • Carbon cages, carbon inner links, titanium hardware


New tooth pulley design with a sound damping effect for a super-efficient and silent ride experience. Bottom and top pulleys benefit from this feature.

導輪支架 Mid (WiFLi), Short
拉線比 Exact actuation
速別 11s
顏色 獵鷹灰
導輪支架材質 碳纖維
導輪培林材質 陶瓷
最大齒數 28, 32
重量基於 短支架

Art-No. 速別 拉線比 導輪支架 最大齒數 顏色
00.7518.084.000 11s Exact actuation Short 28 獵鷹灰
00.7518.084.001 11s Exact actuation Mid (WiFLi) 32 獵鷹灰