OSPW Sram eTap

17+17 加大導輪

加大導輪系統 - OSPW 系統,藉由我們的特殊設計,以及極低磨擦的培林,優化您傳動套件的整體效能。

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加大導輪 - SRAM eTap OSPW System

Entirely developed, designed and produced in Denmark by CeramicSpeed, the Oversized Pulley Wheel System for SRAM eTap is a technologic advance for the cycling industry.

Matching the highest quality materials with a unique design, the OSPW System delivers lower friction and longer lifetime, improving your competitive advantage. Thanks to the OSPW System for SRAM eTap, the power savings start at 40%, and the CeramicSpeed Bearings inside guarantee a 3-5 times longer longevity compared to commonly used standard pulleys on the market. The watt savings with a CeramicSpeed OSPW System for SRAM eTap start at 1.6 watts.

The OSPW system for SRAM eTap derailluers is compatible up to a 32 tooth cassette size and with both short cage & WiFli derailluer bodies. The product is for 11 speed eTap and is not compatible with 12 speed SRAM eTap AXS.

If you have the updated 11 speed SRAM eTap derailleur featuring the orbit clutch, you will need the CeramicSpeed OSPW System for SRAM eTap AXS derailleurs found here.



  • CeramicSpeed 加大導輪系統
  • CeramicSpeed 培林保養油,保存於 15ml 滴罐中
  • 品牌貼紙


重要的 : 

When travelling, please remember to dismount your entire rear derailleur with an Allen key, as the OSPW System will not fit in most bike travel bags and could be damaged if left on.



  • 相較於原廠標配導輪,摩擦力減少 35-40%
  • 可自訂彈簧張力調整功能,提供最適合你的功能調整,實現個人化設置
  • 輕量化且耐用的外殼



No set rules can be made for how often your Oversized Pulley Wheel System should be maintained. Maintenance frequency depends on the weather conditions that you are riding in. See below the maintenance advice for the Oversized Pulley Wheel Systems for SRAM, also useful in the case of Shimano.


General Information
A worn chain will increase the wear on the pulley wheels significantly, so make sure that you change your chain before it is completely worn out. Under normal conditions, we recommend that you maintain the Oversized Pulley Wheels when you have ridden under wet conditions, washed your bike or each time you lubricate the chain.

For normal maintenance, add a drop of oil into the lubrication points (9) for optimal performance. You will find the lubrication points on the back cage plate (3). Make sure to position the OSPW System horizontally to ensure that the oil reaches the Oversized Pulley Wheel Bearings. We recommend the use of CeramicSpeed Oil on the OSPW System. This can be purchased from the CeramicSpeed dealers worldwide or from our webshop. (Note that a bottle of CeramicSped Oil is provided in the product package when you purchase the OSPW System).

When travelling, your OSPW System will not fit in the bike travelling bag. We recommend that you dismount the whole rear derailleur and pack it aside.


Extended Maintenance
Approximately once every half a year we recommend that you provide an extended maintenance. In this case, you should dismount the Oversized Pulley Wheels from the cage, remove the seals from both sides and clean all parts in a shaker with degreaser. After cleaning, dry the components off, put two drops of oil onto the CeramicSpeed Balls, place the seals back on and remount the Oversized Pulley Wheels. When dismounting the cage plates, you will need a 2.5 mm Allen Key for the pulley wheel bolts (1) and a 2 mm Allen key for the tower bolts (2). To remount the screws, tighten the pulley wheel screws up to a max torque of 1 Nm and the tower bolts up to 0.3 Nm. For this, a torque tool is recommended. If you're riding in wet and muddy conditions, we recommend you to provide an extended maintenance more frequently and replace oil with All Round Grease for a better protection.


適用於 公路車、三鐵
導輪尺寸 17/17
速別 11S
飛輪範圍 32
彈簧張力設定 3
淨重量 71.0 g
總重量  137 g
導輪材質 Aluminium
變速器品牌 SRAM
變速器型號   Red eTap 11spd



Art-No. 兼容 Pulley (T) 材質 顏色 限量 培林 Coated 鍍層版本
101649 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607
101653 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607
102412 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607
105028 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607
106203 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607
106934 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 銀 Lightweight 607
101651 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607 COATED
101655 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607 COATED
102425 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607 COATED
105037 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607 COATED
106204 SRAM eTap 17 Alloy 607 COATED


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