Paragon Gold RL

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前叉 - Paragon Gold RL Forks

The heart of Paragon Gold RL lies in its ability to take the edge off both road and trail with a 700c trekking design. With the proven Motion Control™ damper and Solo Air™ air spring, the Paragon will take you wherever you want to go.

  • Proven Motion Control™ damper featuring Low Speed Compression adjust to lockout with fixed rebound
  • Solo Air™ air spring for a plush, predictable ride you can set up in seconds
  • Light mount on the fork brace - fender and rim/disc specific mounts integrated into fork legs
  • Fast Black aluminum upper tube finish for a premium look

Motion Control 阻尼無縫、有效、並提供簡單的低速壓縮調節和排放閥。


輪組尺寸 700c
行程 50mm, 65mm
彈簧 Solo Air
前叉位移 46mm
最大齒片尺寸 180mm
上管類型 30mm straight wall aluminum
最大輪胎寬度 45
最小齒片尺寸 160mm
阻尼器款式 Control
顏色 Diffusion Black, Gloss Black
擋泥板兼容性 Full, 3 point mount
重量 1,820g
重量基於 50mm, Disc mount, Tapered
Art-No. 輪組尺寸
行程 前叉位移 顏色 軸心 (mm)
00.4019.459.000  700c 50mm 46mm Gloss Black 9mm Quick Release
00.4019.459.001 700c 65mm 46mm Gloss Black 9mm Quick Release

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